SLG – Colour Block Landscape

I have done today the Colour Block Landscape activity. This activity took time to create as I had to come up with ideas to create an artwork of the sun in various ways. I tried to do the Horizen simple but quite a challenge to work with.   I loved this activity as you got to experience different kinds of texture of colour and different gradients to play with to see the right colour contrast.

 This is one of my favourite activities to do as to is one of my favourite subjects at school. I would recommend this activity to people who love art as well as myself. I encourage you people to embrace your art and create with love and use your imagination.  Have wonderful day and God Bless!

4 thoughts on “SLG – Colour Block Landscape

  1. Malo lelei Esther
    your best friend Jamie here! You did a wonderful job creating a sunrise landscape. I can tell you remember what Mr. B told us about colour contrast. What is your favorite part of your artwork and why?

    My only feedback for you is to use various gradients of blues for the ocean, so it looks real and not copied and pasted! Keep up the great work Esther, I’m looking forward to more of your blog posts.
    Have a great day and a happy, blessed New Year with your family!!
    Your friend, Jamie <3

    1. Talofa Lava Jamie

      Thank you, Jamie, for your feedback on my artwork. I will work towards on making this artwork a more amazing than it is now. I wanted to put in many as vibrant colours as I can as well balancing them out. Hope you have a blessed day and a Happy New Years to you and your family!

      Your Friend-Estherose

  2. Kia ora Etherose,

    It’s Charlotte here, a Summer Learning Journey Blog Commenter. Well done giving the ‘Colourblock’ activity a go! How did you find this activity? I thought it was lots of fun!

    Wow this is an awesome piece of art! I particularly like how you have used different shades of a colour to add more depth to your piece – especially in the ocean. Do you have any tips for someone wanting to give this activity a go?

    Don’t forget to include a question at the end of your blog post. This helps to encourage your readers to leave a thoughtful, helpful and positive comment.

    Ngā Mihi Nui
    Charlotte Visser
    Summer Learning Journey

    1. Talofa Lava Charlotte

      Thank you very much Charlotte for leaving a positive comment! I was very excited that this activity had come out. It was an experience to do as I got to use different tools on google drawing. Have a great day and God Bless!

      Your Friend- Estherose

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