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SLJ – Laser Maze Kick Start

Today I have done the Laser Maze activity Kick Start! I have created my very own on google drawing showcasing my idea of how I would set up my Laser Maze. If I were to have a run through of my Laser Maze I think my prediction for my estimated time would be 5 minutes or more depending how big the Laser Maze would be.

Have a Wonderful Day and God Bless my fellow bloggers!

SLJ – Summer Chat Story Step It Up

Today I have done the Step It up activity of the Summer Chat Story. My Summer Chat is about a time at the beach meeting up with someone. This Summer Chat Story is not based on a true story if you were wondering. If I were to chat to someone to go to the beach I would chat about this. I have added some emoji to express the emotions as well as adding graphics.

Have a Blessed Day and God Bless my fellow bloggers!

SLJ – Notan Art Step It UP

Today  I have done the Notan Art Step It Up challenge activity. For this activity I have based my theme at the beach as it is the Summer Season. To create and form my Notan Art I have used line tools as well as using shapes. I chose this theme because everyone needs time to relax and chill out at the beach.

Hope you have a fantastic day and God Bless!

SLJ – Rainbow Fish Step It Up

Today I have done the Step It Up activity of the “Rainbow Fish”.  I have made my own version of how I would’ve made the Rainbow Fish.  To create my  fish I have used various colour textures to form my very Rainbow Fish using images from google as well as shapes. The activity process took quite a while to complete but in the end I have completed it.

My understanding behind the Rainbow Fish story is that sharing happiness can bring you together when sharing and bonding with others. I really enjoyed this activity because children can understand and learn the meaning behind the Rainbow Fish and use the creative minds to recreate and design their very own Rainbow Fish. I hope you have a lovely day and God Bless!

SLJ – Digital Notan Art Kick Start

Today I have done the Digital Notan Art kick Start activity.  I have created my very own Notan Art for the first time! What is Notan Art? Notan Art was created in the Country of Japan. Notan Art is known for positive and negative meaning opposites. Notan Art has to be symmetrical like a mirrored image. You can create Notan art by only using two types of  colours, black and white. To create an image of something  you can use shapes or line tools. I have created and designed my Notan Art by using shapes and line tools and creating weird objects. I have chosen these randomly by looking at objects around the house.  What kind of Notan Art have you designed?

Have a blessed day and God Bless!

SLJ – Silhouette Kick Start

Today I have done the kick start activity challenge of “Silhouette Art”. The black outline represents my siblings and I. To create this effect you want to go to google slides and press “Format Options” and make the colour you want the outline to be.  I have chosen an image of a sunset for my background to make my Silhouette Art look more appealing to the eye. What kind of Silhouette Art have you made?

I hope you have a lovely day and GOD BLESS!!

SLJ – Irregular Tessellations Step It Up

Today I have done the Step it up challenge for “Tessellations”. I have done the Irregular tessellations on online tools.  You have to be critical and creative of how you want to display your regular polygons. The shapes I have chosen for my Irregular Pattern are squares,  triangles and octagons.  I enjoyed this activity as I got the opportunity to learn different kinds of Tessellations. What kind of Tessellation Pattern have you made?

Have a good day and God Bless!

SLJ – Holiday 101 Summer Step It Up

Today I have done the second Step It up challenge of “Holiday 101 Summer”.  Summer is the most heated season of the year, drowning in the sun’s heat, people celebrating with cheer and having loads of Fun! The place I have chosen for vacation is Samoa. This is the place you would love to go and experience and embrace the culture. I would like to go visit the country of Samoa. Things I would do:  Visit family, tourism and many more fun adventures! I have chosen six essential items that I would take to Samoa, a fan for the scorching heat, swimwear for the cool waters and NZ goodies to take over to family.  What essentials would you take for vacation?

Have a wonderful day and God Bless!

SLJ – Winter Holiday 101 Kick Start

Today I have done the kick start activity of “Winter Holiday”.  Winter Holidays are the freezing time of the year,  that’s where blankets, socks, and beanies come in.  In this activity you have to select six items that you would take on a wintry vacation. My location for a vacation would be the winter cabins because it would be a really coool opportunity to experience! Where would you spend your vacation in the WINTER?

Have an AMAZING DAY and God Bless!!!

SLJ – Poem Postcard Step It Up

Today I have done the SLJ Poem Postcard Step it up challenge!  I really loved this activity as I got to create and design my very own postcard.  Where I have based my postcard image is the country Samoa, this scenery is the beach as it is Summer I decided everyone needs to have a break and chill.  If I were to send this postcard I would send it to my dear Nana in Hawaii.  I have written a small blurb to my Nana! What type of scenery would you choose for your postcard?

Have a blessed day and God Bless!