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SLJ – Holiday 101 Summer Step It Up

Today I have done the second Step It up challenge of “Holiday 101 Summer”.  Summer is the most heated season of the year, drowning in the sun’s heat, people celebrating with cheer and having loads of Fun! The place I have chosen for vacation is Samoa. This is the place you would love to go and experience and embrace the culture. I would like to go visit the country of Samoa. Things I would do:  Visit family, tourism and many more fun adventures! I have chosen six essential items that I would take to Samoa, a fan for the scorching heat, swimwear for the cool waters and NZ goodies to take over to family.  What essentials would you take for vacation?

Have a wonderful day and God Bless!

SLJ – Winter Holiday 101 Kick Start

Today I have done the kick start activity of “Winter Holiday”.  Winter Holidays are the freezing time of the year,  that’s where blankets, socks, and beanies come in.  In this activity you have to select six items that you would take on a wintry vacation. My location for a vacation would be the winter cabins because it would be a really coool opportunity to experience! Where would you spend your vacation in the WINTER?

Have an AMAZING DAY and God Bless!!!