SLJ – Laser Maze Kick Start

Today I have done the Laser Maze activity Kick Start! I have created my very own on google drawing showcasing my idea of how I would set up my Laser Maze. If I were to have a run through of my Laser Maze I think my prediction for my estimated time would be 5 minutes or more depending how big the Laser Maze would be.

Have a Wonderful Day and God Bless my fellow bloggers!

2 thoughts on “SLJ – Laser Maze Kick Start

  1. Kia ora Esterose,

    What an awesome backdrop for your laser maze. In the picture it looks like the floor has snow on it. If that is the case the snow might make it even harder to get through the laser maze I think. I think all the trees might also add to the obstacle, what do you think? What are the lasers protecting? In the movie they are always protecting important things like jewellery or money.

    You should look at Eziaz’s blog. He has done a good job on his design and has worked really hard at adding details/information to his description. You could even leave him a comment.
    Eziaz’s Blog

    Have you ever seen a movie with a laser maze?
    If you were protecting something with a laser maze what would it be? I think I would protect my passport, my jewellery and my family photos.

    Tino pai to mahi Esterose, keep up all the hard work.

  2. Ahiahi pai Esther
    you have done a great job creating your Laser maze! I like that you have added trees and a fence, like a blueprint for your house. Why have you chosen this area(garden?) for your laser maze? Is it because it is a large space or the space has trees which can be used as obstacles?

    Have a great day Esther, enjoy the rest of your holiday and God bless!
    Your friend, Jamie

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