SLJ – Summer Chat Story Step It Up

Today I have done the Step It up activity of the Summer Chat Story. My Summer Chat is about a time at the beach meeting up with someone. This Summer Chat Story is not based on a true story if you were wondering. If I were to chat to someone to go to the beach I would chat about this. I have added some emoji to express the emotions as well as adding graphics.

Have a Blessed Day and God Bless my fellow bloggers!

One thought on “SLJ – Summer Chat Story Step It Up

  1. Kia ora Esterose,

    Firstly, thank you for including in your description that it is not based on a true story. I have read many of these blogs and my first thought is always, ‘is this fiction or nonfiction?’

    I really like your text thread. One thing I really like about it is how you used emojis alongside words to express yourself. I also like how you tilted your work and the title came into the text thread at some point. That was pretty cool. Did you use a template to create this or did you make it yourself?

    Is the photo one you or someone you know has taken or is it from the internet?
    What is your favourite thing to do at the beach?

    My favourite thing is to swim, read and barbecue with friends and family.


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