SLJ – Rainbow Fish Step It Up

Today I have done the Step It Up activity of the “Rainbow Fish”.  I have made my own version of how I would’ve made the Rainbow Fish.  To create my  fish I have used various colour textures to form my very Rainbow Fish using images from google as well as shapes. The activity process took quite a while to complete but in the end I have completed it.

My understanding behind the Rainbow Fish story is that sharing happiness can bring you together when sharing and bonding with others. I really enjoyed this activity because children can understand and learn the meaning behind the Rainbow Fish and use the creative minds to recreate and design their very own Rainbow Fish. I hope you have a lovely day and God Bless!

2 thoughts on “SLJ – Rainbow Fish Step It Up

  1. Kia ora Estherose,

    I can see you have put a considerable amount of time and effort into your Rainbow fish. Each scale has an awesome texture and the range of colours really do reflect that of the Rainbow fish don’t they. I also like how you have a smaller fish below with a single scale, just like the book.

    I’m so glad you were able to pick up on the moral of the story. It would be like having a toy that you enjoyed playing with but if nobody could play with you and you constantly enjoyed that happiness alone it probably wouldn’t be very fun would it.

    Good work including the detailed description. It’s always helpful for us readers. It makes sense and you even used paragraphs. Awesome work.

    What is your favourite children’s book from when you were a little kid?

  2. Ahiahi pai Esther
    hope you are enjoying your school holidays. Your rainbow fish looks SPECTACULAR! I love the different textures and colours you added into your rainbow fish, and the other fish with one of the rainbow fish’s scales.

    You have done a great job explaining your understanding of the moral story. If I was a SLJ commenter, I would mark this post outstanding! What was your favorite part of this activity? Reading the book or creating the fish?

    Have a great day Esther, enjoy the rest of your holiday and God bless you too!!!!
    From your great friend, Jamie

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