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SLJ – Notan Art Step It UP

Today  I have done the Notan Art Step It Up challenge activity. For this activity I have based my theme at the beach as it is the Summer Season. To create and form my Notan Art I have used line tools as well as using shapes. I chose this theme because everyone needs time to relax and chill out at the beach.

Hope you have a fantastic day and God Bless!

SLJ – Digital Notan Art Kick Start

Today I have done the Digital Notan Art kick Start activity.  I have created my very own Notan Art for the first time! What is Notan Art? Notan Art was created in the Country of Japan. Notan Art is known for positive and negative meaning opposites. Notan Art has to be symmetrical like a mirrored image. You can create Notan art by only using two types of  colours, black and white. To create an image of something  you can use shapes or line tools. I have created and designed my Notan Art by using shapes and line tools and creating weird objects. I have chosen these randomly by looking at objects around the house.  What kind of Notan Art have you designed?

Have a blessed day and God Bless!