Year: 2023

SLG – Colour Block Landscape

I have done today the Colour Block Landscape activity. This activity took time to create as I had to come up with ideas to create an artwork of the sun in various ways. I tried to do the Horizen simple but quite a challenge to work with.   I loved this activity as you got to experience different kinds of texture of colour and different gradients to play with to see the right colour contrast.

 This is one of my favourite activities to do as to is one of my favourite subjects at school. I would recommend this activity to people who love art as well as myself. I encourage you people to embrace your art and create with love and use your imagination.  Have wonderful day and God Bless!

SLJ Snakes & Ladders Addition and Multiplication

Today I have done the “Step it up” activity. I really enjoyed this activity as it has equations to challenge your mind, without any hesitation, you have to answer within thirty seconds! I made snakes & ladders an addition and multiplication as I want people to challenge their knowledge of maths and test to see how far they can get to.

You start on the starting square and work your way up, as you land on a square you have to answer an equation then roll dice and it repeats till someone wins. It can be hard but you can do it if you put your mind to it!

I hope you enjoy the Snakes & ladders addition and multiplication game that I have created. Have a blessed day and a Merry Christmas to your family and friends. Stay Safe!

SLJ – Groove Pizza

This week for SLJ activity I have created  something from Groove Pizza. My artist name would be “DJ FOREVER” because I will forever be there with you. My song name would be Gapper Goofy because of all the  humorous, treasured moments I have made with so many people that have impacted my life.