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SLJ – Irregular Tessellations Step It Up

Today I have done the Step it up challenge for “Tessellations”. I have done the Irregular tessellations on online tools.  You have to be critical and creative of how you want to display your regular polygons. The shapes I have chosen for my Irregular Pattern are squares,  triangles and octagons.  I enjoyed this activity as I got the opportunity to learn different kinds of Tessellations. What kind of Tessellation Pattern have you made?

Have a good day and God Bless!

SLJ- Tessellations Kick Start

Today I have used an online tool to create an irregular tessellations pattern. To create these Irregular tessellations patterns you must have an equal,measured sized shape as well as no overlaps or gaps within the pattern you are making. I used a repeated triangle shape to design and create a pattern. Basically tessellations means filling up space with the same shape and making a geometry repeated pattern.

I really enjoyed this activity as I want to learn what is a tessellation. What does your Tessellation look like? I encourage all you students to have a go at this activity and have fun, it can be a great learning tool in the future. Have a wonderful day and God Bless!