Manukau Outrigger Canoe Club – Waka Ama



On Wednesday 15th of March,  year 7 and 8 students had gone on a trip where we learnt how to ride on a canoe and how to use oars. We arrived at school in uniform and changed into our swimming gear.  Our two teachers; Mrs George and Mr Bell had been our supervisors the whole trip. We were traveling by bus to get there.  It was a long and short trip to go but it was worth the drive.  We finally arrived at our destination. All of us were very excited to learn and experience new things.

We had a teacher instruct us how to use oars and learn the commands that the captain was going to give to us. We started the day with ten people on each side of the canoe and one teacher with each group. The groups had gone for a twenty minute lesson with the instructors. We had finished the lessons with races. The instructors wanted to see what skills we have learnt so far and how we could use them in the water.

We had gone back to the dock to take the canoes back to the club.  It took everyone to put a lot of effort to pull and push the canoes back.  We had changed out of our swimming gear and changed into our clothes. It took us about fifteen minutes to change because most of the students have been mucking around. We had finally finished changing and walked up the hill to go to the bus and it drove back to school.

My day at Waka Ama was a thrilling day to me because it was my first time riding a canoe and using an oar. Thank you instructors for the opportunity to have a day learning whilst having fun.

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