Diary Entry – Pennies For Hitler

Diary Entry

As I leave Elizabeth, I cry sombre tears. I walk further and further away from this depressing, unhappy place. I keep walking along the dry, dirty path. I look up and see the sky. A grey, black-ish, white colour with flames dancing through the trees. The same trees that have ruled all of England.

 I hurry to our flat to see if the flat is safe or is it in pieces? Am I safe right now? I ask myself so many questions. My head is a crazy mess. I take a second to get myself together and think. I take a deep breath and walk my way to the flat.  I look carefully at my surroundings to check if I am safe or not.  As I am walking, I see people suffering from the toxic gas that is drifting their way, and  people sheltering in Anderson shelters from bombs. Flames from buildings.. Anxiety inside of me and I feel that I am losing hope but I can’t give up now! I have to find Aunt Miriam!

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