Meningococcal B Diesease

Today we have studied that Meningococcal disease is an uncommon but serious infection caused by the bacteria Neisseria Meningitis. The Meningococcal B disease lives within our nose and our throats. Some of the symptoms are high fever, vomiting, sleepiness, and a stiff neck.  The people who are at risk that are more likely to get this disease are young ones who are under the age 5 years old followed also by teens. To decrease the chance to catch the Meningococcal B disease you need to be already vaccinated.  To avoid this disease you can protect yourself by using these methods displayed here:

The Wish Granter

I hurry quickly to the store with excitement rushing through my body.  As I reach the door handle, bright lights come to an end. Pitch black fills the store, with the echo of footsteps leading out. 

A huge sigh fills the silents. I start to walk further and further and a  light grabs my attention.  One  massive fountain with bright yellow glows. A sign stuck on the fountain says, “come and wish for what you desire”. Fantasy I believe, who in the world would be silly enough to believe this nonsense. People tossing coins leaving a wish to be granted. Impossible thoughts driving me crazy! I take a breathe for a minute, thinking, “ should I really do this thing?”. 

Yes! A thought comes to mind. Wishing for a packet of chips. Tossing the coin with hope at state. Plopping, roughly in the water leaving a mystery to be found. Waiting for an hour to go by. Birds pass by, fighting over a piece of moldy bread, leaving poop stains on aged and benches. Going home with hopelessness all over again. 

At home waiting for this fantasy to come true.  Days pass by with nothing to come. Starting to regret this wish already. Knocking awaits at my door.  Aunt Helen, approaching  with a huge surprise packet of chips. All I wanted in the first place, a big bag of chips.  So dreams do come true if you truly believe.


Kia O Rahi Tournament

On the 13th of June, we got the opportunity to play a Kia Ora Rahi Tournament playing in our team colours, Rata, Rimu, Kauri and Totora. Coaches from Kelly Sport umpired  our games. The first block we all got sorted into our teams, room 6, room 7 and room 8.

Mr Bell and Ms Agnew had sorted players from other teams forming a team of seven and arranged everyone in different matches that they will be playing on.

Each game had a time limit of the matches each round.  Kauri and Rata were first up playing. It was a rough and tough match but in the end Kauri won.  Each player of the teams all played a part in this sport.

Everyone showed sportsmanship and  effort during all the games that were played. When the day was done, coaches from Kelly Sport had counted up the results.  With a big finish of our day, Kauri had won the  Tournament. Rata and Rimu came third and Totora had come in second.  Our day was filled with happiness and joy throughout the whole day.