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Today I have done the SLJ Poem Postcard Step it up challenge!  I really loved this activity as I got to create and design my very own postcard.  Where I have based my postcard image is the country Samoa, this scenery is the beach as it is Summer I decided everyone needs to have a break and chill.  If I were to send this postcard I would send it to my dear Nana in Hawaii.  I have written a small blurb to my Nana! What type of scenery would you choose for your postcard?

Have a blessed day and God Bless!

2 thoughts on “SLJ – Poem Postcard Step It Up

  1. Kia Ora Etherose,
    I am Whaea Tanya one of the Manaiakalani Facilitators you might see commenting on the SLJ Blogs, I am finding it fun to see the different ways the tasks are completed.

    Thank you for sharing your postcard. Your image is spectacular. I would love to visit this beach, I would love to visit Samoa. I like how you said everyone needs to chill and take a break, I totally agree. (For some it is tricky). I also had a quick look at your kick start and liked how you talked about the water you and your sister splash at each other.
    Your choice of words for this poem you can see is inspired by the summer. the cursive script is relaxed and your phrases really remind us of what summer and holidays are all about.

    Kia pai tō rā, and keep blogging
    Whaea Tanya
    Ako Hiko Facilitator

  2. Mōrena Estherose,

    I like that the step up activity asks you to design and write your own postcard, what a fun challenge after the kick start!

    I think your post card art looks beautiful and it is a lovely depiction of the beautiful beaches of Samoa, have you ever been to Samoa? I have been once with one of my friends, we want to visit his home town with his Dad. It was amazing and so hot.

    Your poem is great too, I liked all the descriptive language you used to describe summertime. How lovely that you would send this to your Nana! Does she have access to your blog so she can see your postcard?

    Ngā mihi nui,
    Zana Yates

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