SLJ- Poem Postcards kick start

For today’s SLJ activity I have done the Poem Postcard kick start activity. The type of poem I have used is a Haiku poem as it is short but has a meaningful meaning to it. A Haiku poem is a poem that has three sentences with five syllables. If you are wondering what syllables are, they are vowel sounds for example there are two syllables in “nothing”.  I dedicate this postcard to my sister Rina,  she would always splash water in my face whenever she had the chance. 

I enjoyed this activity as I got to use an online tool to make a postcard and dedicate it to someone if they were overseas. If you were to send a postcard to someone, who would you send it too?

One thought on “SLJ- Poem Postcards kick start

  1. Mōrena Estherose,

    This is such a fun activity as I love poetry and love collecting postcards!! My favourite type of poetry is haikus and tankas, they are old Japanese forms of poetry used to describe emotions and nature. What is your favourite type of poetry?

    I love the art you have chosen, it is such a beautiful painting! I wonder how old it is? I think your poem is beautiful and how cool that it was AI generated. How did that work? Did you give the AI any prompts or did it just use the art selected as a prompt?

    How lovely that you would send this to your Sister, what in the painting reminds you of her (aside from your memories of her splashing you)?

    Ngā mihi nui,
    Zana Yates

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