Tamaki Cluster Touch Tournament

On November the 2th our school had a Tamaki Cluster Touch Tournament down at Dunkirk. Our teacher Mr Bell had organized four teams to take down, there was a girls year 7 and 8 team, boys year 7 and 8 team, girls year 7 and boys year 7.

Before the day had come we had some weeks to prepare and train for this tournament. The teams would compete against each other after morning tea and lunch time so we could learn our mistakes on the field and learn good strategies to use when we go to the touch tournament. Mr Bell had given permission slips for the students who will be going to the tournament and who are not going. We had to bring our forms in before the day.

When the day had come we wore our P.E gear ready. Mr Bell checked all the names of the people who were going and checked  them off the list. We had some parents who were supporters and parents who were coaches and supervisors for the teams. We walked down  with the other  parents and teams down to Dunkirk. When we arrived at Dunkirk two families had kindly set up two gazebo and laid out two mats for the students to put on their bags and shoes. The games started after 10.00 am. For all the teams there we could only get to play four games for 10 minutes. Our game started at 10.45 am and we were versing Glen Brae school. When the game was over we had congratulated them for their win of the game, our team was sad but happy to play and have fun with the other team. The day was still going and we had 3 more games to go. At the last game that we played we had versed the other girls team from our school. When the game was finished our team had lost the game but still congratulated the other team for the win. At the end the year 7 and 8 girls team had made to the finals, the rest of the other teams from our school wanted to cheer for them. The game had finished the year 7 and 8 girls team did not win but the Point England girls had won the game and was happy.

The end of the day everyone was tired and drowned but everyone had an awesome day and was so happy to be a part of this tournament and having the opportunity to play. We had a really fun day.

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