” Swimming Lessons With Swim Magic”

On June the 27th our school got an opportunity to go swimming at Swim Magic. All the classes in the school went at different times after 12:00. When it was time to get changed into our swim suits Mr Bell our teacher had separated the girls and boys to go into other class rooms to get changed in. Some teachers had to go supervised other classes while swimming.

When it was time to go we  hopped onto a bus and went.  Our first instructor was Seb,  she taught us how to float on our backs, do back strokes and some other skills.  We only had swimming for 10 days.  We had learned so many new skills during our time there and had lots of fun. On the last day of swimming we had a fun day. An instructor named Carlos was sitting on the side of the boat and was helping us to get in. Before we got on the boat we had to wear life jackets.  After that an instructor named Paris separated us into 3 teams and got us to lie on our backs and kick with our feet. When we had finished our lesson at the end we had thanked our instructors for everything they had taught us and done for us.

We had an enjoyable and fun time there.


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