Month: September 2022

Story about 🐷Oolong finds his parents🧐

For three years Oolong and Puar have been friends. They have been travelling the Dragon Ball world together for three years as well as meeting new friends, Tabasaki Rice and his sidekick Takoyaki Greens. Oolong still acts the same as being a coward and being scared to be in a fight but during his travelling he has learned a lot of good from his new friends as well as Puar. 

One day Oolong decides that he wants to find his parents who raised him. Oolong knew even when he was a little piggy that he was abandoned by them. When he  was just a piglet his family was rich, they had a big house and many maids and butlers. 

This particular night  there was a problem, a group of bad people were trying to steal Oolong and his parents fortune.The bad group of people were trying to use it to make a karate Dojo business only for villains.

This all started when Oolong found a handwritten letter from his parents. In this letter it said:

 “Dear Oolong.”

When you come of age you must read this letter. 

When you were little  your parents were in a bad situation. We could not take the risk of them taking our fortune and taking you as well. We have gone on this mission and we need your help to complete this mission to stop these people from creating this Dojo. We will be waiting for you at your home town, Lockwood Village when  you are in your older years.

After Oolong reads the handwritten letter he feels emotional but feels better when  he finds at the back of the letter an old drawing of a map from his parents of where they are. Oolong, Puar, Tabasaki Rice and his sidekick Takoyaki Greens follow the map to help guide them to  Lockwood Village, for two months on this search they have been into many different places but still haven’t found the place of where Oolong’s parents are.

 After searching for many days they decide to give up until they see something very familiar: two pigs that look the same height as Oolong but a little bit taller, same eyes and similar faces until Oolong realized it was his parents, by knowing that the men looked like Oolong. Oolong was shocked at first but was filled with happiness and joy as well as his parents. His parents explained everything about what happened to him when he was little and told Oolong what is happening to the mission now.  

Oolong, Puar, Tabasaki Rice and Takoyaki Greens finish the mission by moving very fast to catch these bad guys. They search the whole town of Lockwood Village but  still haven’t found these crooks until they see something very bad, a group of people dressed in black and white looking like they are trying to steal from a store called “Treasure Unique” the crooks pop into the store and try and grab everything as they can. Oolong and his friends quickly move fast and use their skills to attack these crooks, after defeating the crooks they get taken into Jail and stay there for 20 years for all the bad crimes they have done during the past. 

Oolong and his friends were very happy and jumpy; they returned to Oolong’s parents and told them what happened. Oolong felt very unhappy till Tabasaki Rice gave Oolong a check with a lot of money, Oolong’s parents were thankful as well as Oolong, Tabaski explained how he got the money off the crooks. Puar, Tabasaki Rice, Takoyaki Greens and Oolong have finished the mission and want to return home, Oolong has his last goodbye but his parents say “ This is not goodbye it’s see you later”, Oolong cheers up and takes off with his friends.





Mission Day

On Friday the 23rd of September was Mission Day.  This is a day where we as a whole school fund raise for an orphanage in India called Holy Angels.

In the morning at 9:00am our school and teachers had a morning Liturgy. After finishing our morning Liturgy all the classes got ready for their morning test, this test helps us to learn more about the subject and also get sponsored by our parents or family members to help fund raise for Holy Angels Orphanage. Four students from Rm 8 helped out to sell some raffle tickets for those students who wanted to buy some.


Reflection on my learning of the Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games 

Every four years 56 countries come together and compete in a sports competition at the Commonwealth games, but this year was different because only 54 countries had competed in the Commonwealth games 2022. These countries help each other to become successful athletes. The Commonwealth games this year was held in Birmingham, England. 

What is the Commonwealth ?

Most of the countries in the Commonwealth were once governed by Britain as part of the British Empire. After they became independent many became part of a family where they could work together and help each other.

What happened on “ The Road to Birmingham”

Everyday we would run or walk around the court to do as many laps as we could, some people would do over 20 laps a day or 10. After doing our laps Mr Bell our teacher would put in how many kilometers we did as a class and add them together in total as well as the laps. We had 100 days to achieve our goal to make it to 1653.2km to Birmingham. The first landmark we started at was Stonehenge and we also did a DLO about it explaining interesting facts about. We had traveled on the map to 10 places around England.

Which athlete did you choose ?

The athlete that I chose that had competed in the Commonwealth games this year was Erika Fairweather. She was born in Dunedin, New Zealand 2003. This is her first time competing in the Commonwealth games but she has also competed in the Olympics for 3 years now. Erika was head girl for her school Kavanagh college in 2021. She won the gold medal in the 200 metres freestyle at the World Swimming Championships.

How did we follow NZ during the games ?

Mr Bell, our teacher, had given our class a link to watch and follow the athletes that were competing in the games. We had to find websites or TV shows where we can follow these athletes, we could follow them by TV on Demand, Sky TV, or YouTube.


Our class had traveled the map virtually in England because we didn’t have enough money to fly over for the whole class and also because of Covid 19. We had made DLO’s explaining facts about it, making posters to show our understanding and adding detail to it. During this experience and journey has been fun for me because I got to learn many new facts and things about it.