Blake NZ

On May the 23rd,  we had a special visitor who is a marine biologist who is currently working from a company called Blake NZ. Thomas, our visitor, introduced us to what he does for an occupation. For our activity Thomas brought virtue reality goggles for us to experience what it is like to be exploring in the wide ocean. A virtual reality goggle is a device that is used to vision images that are life-like. 

 Before we got going he talked about a person named Peter Blake who loved sea creatures and the ocean very much. Peter Blake won the American Cup four times by going around the whole world but sadly he got shot by threatening pirates on amazon. 

Thomas instructed us on how to use the VR goggles and how we should be responsible with it. We then put on the goggles and first saw swimming fish diving through each other. As we looked around the 360 degree view in the goggles, Thomas talked us through where these videos took place and what kind of fish they are.  We saw sea lions in their habitat playing with joy, different types of dolphins with their pods and penguins chatting to each other. We saw many beautiful  sea creatures being discovered and discussed. 

 My favorite fact of all was learning about how humpback whales can sing and can pick off singing from other whales by forming a song together. If there was a way that we can find solutions to help the ocean be a clean environment we should make more marine reserves, influence other people to STOP polluting  the ocean.


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