Letter Of Advice

From Estherose

Dear T

Thank you for visiting your aunt June on the weekends. I had a wonderful time with you!

We played many playful games especially basketball. Your quite a handful aren’t you, dear. While you were playing I noticed something odd. You T, have many soaring bruises all over your body.

Are you alright dear, anything happened with mum and dad. If so, I would like to give you some advice that you would need. I know my brother of mine can be rough and tough at times.

Here’s a piece of advice, have a clear and positive mind, release all the anger and sadness out of you, open out to your parents of how you feel about the situation. Make them listen and understand as this situation has happened multiple times and it is affecting you in an unsecured way. If you are still not feeling safe at all , come to your aunt’s June house and express all your feelings to your aunt. As this is a of way expressing widely.

From yours sincerely

Aunt June

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