Epro 8 playground

On May the 7th, my class and I were informed that we will be doing Epro 8 for a week. Epro 8 is an engineering program for children over 10 years old.  We were given booklets of Epro 8 activities and were put into four different groups by our teacher, Ms George. We as a class had watched an instruction video of what the tools we would be using in this type of project and how we would be designing it.

One of the activities we did was a playground. Making this playground we had to make objects that we would normally see in the actual playground. We made swings, a hut, merry go round, flying fox and last a sea saw. Making these things we used blue joiners, red joiners, reel, axles, wheels and string. Using these tools helped us a lot as we used creative minds during the working process. We started slow in the beginning and as we kept working we started to build our way up as we went with the flow. As the ideas started to flow in  we had many ideas popping out.

When we finished the playground our teacher, Ms George, was going to view our work of what we have done so far. Each group had played a part in this activity making as it was a time to use commutation skills and make it a fun learning process. We each had done similar things from other groups but in the end we did great with a lot of effort put in.  I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to the Epro 8 company for providing us with fun engineering activities to do.



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