Day: October 21, 2022

The Greenhouse

Yesterday on the 20th of October our teacher Mr Bell taught us how to lift a line from our writing.What you do first is write a story about something next  identify your favourite sentence copy and paste it into a brand new page and start your brand new story.

Bella could not take the risk of getting terrifying and creeped by someone or something in the dark of the green house. Bella watched over Janice and her other friend Toby; they both wanted to explore the green house and to discover who or what had  abandoned this rusty, dusty old  house. The both of them walked over  to the greenhouse, it took them about three  minutes to four minutes from Bella’s house. 

 While the both of them were walking, people were walking by them but on the opposite side of the foot path. Janice and Toby looked really confused because when they had stopped in front of the greenhouse people were shocked and scared. Janice and Toby had two people walk up to them and they said “ Don’t you know that the green house was abandoned in 1989 and no one knows if someone or something has passed away during that time or inside the green”. 

Toby was getting nervous and anxious at the same time but Janice was feeling confident in herself but when she looked at Toby he didn’t look so good. Toby changed his mind straight away, he really didn’t want to go, Janice didn’t mind because she wanted to go prove herself to Bella and Toby to convince them both it was not that really scary or spoooooky. Janice entered the house  slowly and confident  and looked around for anything that she could use to discover and find objects in different places. While Janice was still in there Toby ran back to Bella’s house and hid under a thick blanket.